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About us

Much has happened since Eric Jans and Maikel Elst decided to set up a fencing company in 1999.
Perseverance, creativity and healthy horse sense have led to Privacon Hekwerken becoming a successful manufacturer of fencing within 20 years.

Privacon Hekwerken is successful because we:
  - see our customer as a partner;
  - putting the real need of our customer at the central;
  - have employees involved;
  - have a flat structure with responsibilities low in the organization;
  - steer on the basis of trust and result;
  - we continuously monitor the production process, which gives an up-to-date insight into the performance of the organization;
  - we strive for an 'open family' culture, where all employees know their contribution;
  - have inspiring entrepreneurs as a figurehead;
  - say what we do and do what we say

Our 7 milestones


Founding of Privacon Hekwerken

9 July 1999 Privacon Hekwerken is founded. The first fences are produced in an old warehouse. The back of the house of Eric and Sylvia will be set up as an office and reception area for the customers.


Founding of Privacon Poland

As a result of the strongly growing demand for fencing, it is decided to move the production activities from Mill to Poland. A new production site is being built in Zławieś Wielka, near Torun.


From Business to Consumer to Business to Business

Privacon Hekwerken halts its sales and assembly activities on the end market and fully concentrates its sales and production activities for the benefit of professional fencing companies.


Founding of Privacon Baltics

To further expand the working area in Eastern Europe, Privacon Baltics is founded. Our sales office in the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden and Russia is managed from our office in Latvia.


Founding of Peripro Fencing

In order to further expand the sales area of fencing in the direction of Southern Europe, Peripro Fencing is set up in collaboration with Tony Vanhauten. The sales activities in France and the French-speaking part of Belgium are managed from Reims (Fr).


New construction office and assembly hall

In order to continue distributing the sales of our fencing throughout Europe, a new office with associated assembly halls is being put into use at Mill on the Houtzagerijstraat.


Founding of Peripro Belgium

In order to be able to better serve the sales market in Belgium, Peripro Belgium was established on 1 November 2018.
Our subsidiary Peripro Belgium will supply the local and national market in Belgium from the office with distribution center in the Greater Brussels region.

Privacon Hekwerken through the years

Do you want to know more about our history? Through the link below you can read in detail how Privacon Fences in 22 years has grown into a leading Multinational, where more than 250 employees are working on a daily basis to carry out our mission.

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