Drive box Mini VDS


The Mini VDS drive box is the drive for all Mini cantilever sliding gates.
Together with the Mini sliding gate, this drive box is delivered on a bottom installation plate. The electric sliding gate can be put into operation after being placed on the foundation, when the power supply cable is connected, a few test openings have been made and the hand transmitters have been read.
The drive box is delivered with intelligent control and is equipped with all necessary safety and security components.

Developed in accordance with European standard EN 13241-1. ITT test performed by TÜV Nord.

Technical specifications

Specifications of the Mini 800-PS-V2 drive box:

  • Motor: External
  • Brand: Belfox
  • Motor power supply: 24V DC
  • Gate speed: Max. 18cm per second
  • Plug and play system: yes
  • Maximum weight: 880 kg
  • Hand transmitter: yes
  • Safetycontactstrip on the main closing edge of the gate wing: 1x passive
  • Safetycontactstrip on secondary closing edge of guided stand: 2x passive
  • Safety strip on the secondary closure of the drive box: 2x passive
  • Set of photocells built-in: yes
  • Warning light: Optional
  • Key switch: Optional
  • Toothed racks: Module 4, Plastic with steel core
  • Temperature: minimum / maximum: -20 ° C / + 50 °
  • Pressure force: 800 N
  • Switch-on time (ED): 80%

Standard color schemes

Available in all RAL colors

Product range

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  • Company buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Storage sites
  • Garden and landscape
  • Educational institutions
  • Parking garages
  • Individuals

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