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Easy, practical, representative and well priced. The Teka swing gate is a gate developed by Privacon for various purposes. The concept is simple and quick to assemble, because of this they are very suitable for residental areas, accessgates for gardens and as gate in double bar mats or diamond mesh wire.
Both, companies and individuals are increasingly opting for these gates with their good functionality and good price. The gates can open 180 ° and can be adjusted 4-dimentionally. They always hang straight and turn smoothly. The locks are solid and hardly to force.

The single and double gates have a steel slotted double bar mat 6/5/6 and are suitable for years of intensive use. The single gate is mainly used as a walkway until a passage of 2,0 meter and the double gate is a solution for larger passageways until a passage of 4,0 meter.

The Teka swing gate fits perfectly with the Privacon bar mat.

Technical specifications

Specifications gate:
  • Swing gate consisting of a frame of tubular profiles of 40x40 mm, welded in miter
  • Gate filling: double bar mat with horizontal wire 2 x Ø6 mm, vertical wire 1 x Ø5 mm and mesh size 50x200 mm
  • Ground clearance 50 mm

Specifications posts:
  • Gate posts lengthened 800 mm
  • The gate posts are equipped with a plastic pole cap

Locks and hinges:
  • 4-dimensionally adjustable hinges, opening 180 °
  • Locinox lock type Fortylock with stainless steel interior, frontplate and aluminum handle pair
  • Stainless steel hook for a safe lock
  • Adjustable daybolt
  • Stainless steel build-in keep type SFKI
  • Double gate supplied with an external drop bolt

  • The gatewings are hot dip galvanized according to standard NEN-EN-ISO 1461
  • If required, powder coated according to standard NEN-EN

Standard color schemes

RAL 6005
RAL 6009
RAL 7016
RAL 9005

Product range

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  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Residential areas
  • Sport fields

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